Are you stressed out from all the to-do's and feeling like stuff's constantly falling through the cracks?

Maybe you've tried goal-setting, time-blocking, meditation, and affirmations.

Then you tried working on boundaries, confidence, and being more assertive.

Here's the hidden truth: If your business is not humming like the well-oiled machine you want, it’s NOT what you’re doing (or not doing) that’s causing the problem.

There's something running in the background that is getting in your way.


In Martha A. Wilson's CEO Starter Kit for Entrepreneurs, you'll get:

Gift 1: 10 Warning Signs That It's Not "Bad Habits/Procrastination/Shiny Object Syndrome" Jamming Up Your Business

Gift 2: The 6 Step Growth Cycle you're stuck in that's making life WAY harder than it needs to be - and how you can forge your own ease-filled path as a true CEO in your business (HINT: It does not have to suck!)

Gift 3: Live training calls with Martha to crack the code on your hidden brilliance.

Let’s make this the year you lose the stress, get out of your own way, and become the powerful CEO you know you’re meant to be.

Yes, Martha, count me in!